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New Directions in Local Government Funding

The increasing importance of a clear external funding strategy

Today, local authorities are faced with important challenges and decisions as government spending cuts impact on the delivery of vital local services and threaten their overall financial stability.

As councils strive to implement effective cost-cutting measures, they are tasked with looking beyond 'what we have always done' and thinking strategically for the long term.

Looking at councils more closely, the latest GRANTfinder whitepaper:

  • takes an in-depth look at the importance of external funding;
  • evaluates the role of the external funding officer in local authorities, supplemented with UK-wide examples; and
  • identifies the benefits and challenges that come when competing for resources.

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Arts and Humanities whitepaper

"If local authorities want to future-proof themselves against these realities, a proactive and innovative approach to service delivery, and the funding of these services, will be critical for their financial sustainability." – New Directions in Local Government Funding

About us

GRANTfinder is a real-time funding website that allows users to quickly identify and share funding information on a whole breadth of funding opportunities.

The benefits of a GRANTfinder subscription are recognised by a wide cross-section of organisations – public and private sector – ranging from modest voluntary community projects at one end of the spectrum to major, multi-level European initiatives at the other.

The nature of projects for which support has been secured is even more varied – covering capital investment, the arts, sport, education, housing, crime and rehabilitation, the environment, regional initiatives and much, much more.

Organisations across the UK are investing in GRANTfinder for four key reasons:

  1. Its user-friendly and intuitive search interface
  2. Ease at which information can be shared and disseminated
  3. Our responsiveness as a company to our clients' development suggestions and needs
  4. Our 30 years' experience in grants content, with the resulting economies of scale applied to the cost of our software and services

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