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Gender Equality in Research: From Policy to Practice

Approaches to Fostering Gender Balance in Research

Statistically, women now account for 60% of undergraduates and 47% of PhD graduates in the EU and – according to the National Science Foundation (NSF) – they earn about half the doctorates in science and engineering in the United States. On paper, these figures suggest that the battle against gender inequality in research is well on the way to being won.

However, whilst the pool of highly-qualified women is larger than ever before, the statistics show that the presence of women in (predominantly STEM-based) research has not advanced at the same rate as the number of women attaining PhDs. Stakeholders argue that this has meant that the research sector is not yet fully benefitting from the wealth of female knowledge and innovation available.

The latest RESEARCHconnect whitepaper examines:

  • the most recent statistics relating to gender in research;
  • the reasons why women 'drop off' the research radar;
  • what is currently being done to tackle the issue of gender equality in research worldwide; and
  • what could be done to improve the percentage of women in research in the future.

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Image: Gender Equality in Research whitepaper

"We have shattered so many glass ceilings, we created a carpet of shards. Now we are sweeping away the assumptions and bias of the past so women can advance across new frontiers." – Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General

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